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Mathematics in Education, Research and Applications (MERAA), 2022(8), 2


MERAA, 2022, vol. 8, no. 2

Radomíra Hornyák Gregáňová, Miriam Pietriková, Norbert Kecskés
Mathematical and statistical methods in the analysis of study results of economy and management students
54 –60

Vladimír Matušek, Jana Ladvenicová
Evaluation of economic results of agricultural enterprises in the Nitra region
61 –65

Iveta Košovská
Alternatives to the measurement of inventories of the same type within their outflows in agricultural companies
66 –73

Martin Mariš
An empirical study of competitiveness and international economic growth: The case study of the EU
74 –85

Eva Matejková, Vladimír Matušek
The use of correspondence analysis in exploring consumer purchasing behavior
86 –98

Jarmila Horváthová, Dana Országhová, Petra Čančová
Analytical tools of written tests for assessment of language competences of engineering degree students at the Faculty of Engineering of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra
99 –106