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Mathematics in Education, Research and Applications (MERAA), 2018(4), 1

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Published online 2018-12-18

Modelling of the efficient system of the daylighting in a stable for dairy cows

Lukáš Varecha
Slovak university of Agriculture in Nitra, Nitra, Slovak Republic

Article Fulltext (PDF), pp. 31–38

Factor analysis is a technique particularly suitable for analysing the patterns of complex, multidimensional relationships. Given the multidimensional nature of social capital, a plethora of indicators is often utilized for measurement purposes. In this paper, we utilize factor analysis to explore patterns of social capital and to identify spatial differentiation in the level of social capital at the level of Slovak districts. Three factors have been extracted. The first factor represents low level of bridging social capital, the second factor represents activities of associations and the third factor represents low level of bonding social capital. Factor scores of extracted factors have been visualized in order to explore spatial differentiation of social capital. Visualisation shows significant differences in the levels of individual forms of social capital in Slovak districts.

Keywords: social capital, factor analysis, social network, districts
JEL Classification: O43, C10