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Mathematics in Education, Research and Applications (MERAA), 2018(4), 1

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Published online 2018-12-18

Processing of stress dataset with rain-flow counting method

Jozef Rédl, Dušan Páleš
Slovak university of Agriculture in Nitra, Nitra, Slovak Republic

Article Fulltext (PDF), pp. 9–17

In this contribution we are dealing with application of rain-flow method to processing the experimental stress data. Vibration of agricultural plough on duty was measured by sensor of acceleration ADXL345 Inertial Sensor mounted on the Pottinger Plough frame. Measured acceleration data was transformed to the stress on the frame. The mathematical algorithm of rain-flow method was based on the recommendation of ASTM code. The simple mathematical model was developed and the algorithm was implemented to the environment of PTC® Mathcad Prime® 4. Processing of experimental data was realized with Microsoft Excel format table importing to the Mathcad Prime® software. The results from raw data and filtered data were compared.

Keywords: signal processing, frame vibration, counting algorithm
JEL Classification: C65