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Mathematics in Education, Research and Applications (MERAA), 2018(4), 1

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Published online 2018-12-18

Mathematical competencies of students entering university studies. Case study of Slovakia

Janka Drábeková, Tomáš Pechočiak, Vladimír Matušek
Slovak university of Agriculture in Nitra, Nitra, Slovak Republic

Article Fulltext (PDF), pp. 23–30

The main objective of this paper is the analysis of students’ math competences via results of the mathematical experiences of students of SAU in Nitra at the beginning of winter term before the graduation of subject “Mathematics” at the different study programs. We performed a test consisted of 5 tasks. We used the National Educational Program Mathematics ISCED 2, ISCED 3A. We have compared the results of tests of respondents and determined whether the differences between study outcomes of students are significant. Our research has examined the impact of gender, type of secondary school and the grade point in mathematics from secondary school to use mathematical tools to solve tasks according ISCED 2, ISCED 3A. The obtained indices of successfulness show a beneficial effect of male gender and graduated secondary grammar school.

Keywords: university students, mathematical competencies, ISCED 3A, Slovakia
JEL Classification: B74, D35, K40